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Quickplay todo list

  1. Social media buttons on blogs
  2. German site
  3. french translations
  4. remove duplicate meta data on /fr/ and /de/ domains
  5. invoice numbers for France and German site
  6. check invoice templates for all new sites
  7. reporting feature for Luke
  8. returns for Norway – they wont give me hte details needed
  9. mobile sites for all languanges
  10. invoice for + .com i think + 2 months of me
  11. fix the social share discount plugin
  12. contact paal in NOrway – done hes useless
  13. point godaddy domain names to correct urls
  14.  add images for cats with brand terms and split into search driven categories
  15. canonical links for duplicate products and pages

added creare seo on 19th Oct 15

security scanned plus new patches 21/10/15