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A diary of my SEO work for Summit Retail Supplies

Summit Retail Supplies Keyword Research

To research the keywords for this site I brainstormed with the client and got a list of all the terms they felt were suitable for their customers. Once I had their list I fed all these search terms through Googles Keyword Planner to see how often they were searched and to see if there were any other terms suggested that could be useful.

From the extensive list I selected the 10 most relevant terms which had good traffic as a starting point. A dew of these terms didnt have huge traffic but the search terms were so relevant and specific that I think they will have a very high conversion rate.

These are the terms I am aiming for, I will include a link to the site in each one of these terms so that when Google re-indexes this site it may give a little boost to the Retail Supply site:

  1. reusable shopping bags – searched 3600pm
  2. baskets wholesale – searched 3600pm
  3. shopping trolleys – searched 2400pm
  4. wholesale baskets– searched 2400pm
  5. shopping baskets – searched 1900pm
  6. plastic shopping baskets – searched 320pm
  7. plastic baskets with handles – searched 210pm
  8. wholesale reusable bags – searched 170pm
  9. bulk reusable shopping bags – searched 110pm
  10. shopping baskets wholesale – searched 90pm

I have created a spreadsheet to document the effects of my SEO on the ranking for these terms and also noted down any other terms which the site is currently ranking for. I can then update this spreadsheet every month to see the changes.

Here it is: Summit Retail Supplies Keyword Analysis

Now the first thing I am going to do is to add or edit the page titles on the website to include these keywords, I will also alter the meta description to include these key terms too.

After doing this I have realised that I need a few extra pages to target these terms, the easiest way to do this is to add an extra page for each category of products and title these new pages accordingly. I have then added in some extra text into the product page which links to these new categories.