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QPS Football Goal site duplicate content removal

Having found all the duplicate meta descriptions and titles via webmaster tools I have now removed them from Google using the URL removal tool in webmaster tools and the robots.txt file.

In the URL removal tool I have removed the entire directories for /reviews/ and /cataloguesearch/ this should get rid of all the search results and user reviews which were all spam anyway. I also removed some specific URLs to obsolete products or test pages.

Then I blocked the spiders access to these files with a robots.txt like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /review/
Disallow: /catalogsearch/

QPS Football Goal SEO Diary 24-4-14

Today I will be addressing the following errors in webmaster tools;

610  – duplicate meta descriptions

21 – short meta descriptions

7 – missing title tags

573 – duplicate title tags

5 – non informative title tags


Step 1 – fix the non informative titles

All these pages are obsolete old pages so I will delete them and resubmit a site map.


Step 2 – fix missing title tags

6 missing titles are for quickview pages so I will leave them as theres no way to add a title.

The last one is a stray htaccess file within the css folder, I will remove this


step 3 – short meta descriptions

pages changed:

 Step 4 – duplicate title tags

Lots of these seem to be from the auto generated reviews page so as Ive disabled that I will ignore those.

Changed titles on ‘become a retailer’ page and careers page

Changed all titles and descriptions for team bench products

Added new title and products to the ‘football training equipment’ category page


step 6 duplicate meta descriptions.


Having looked at these they are again caused by review pages and products in different categories as well as obsolete URLs. I am going to dissalow robots from all these directories and request Google removes them all. More info is available here:


QPS Diary 20/3/14

things done today:

  1. Suggested new articles pages for key phrases: football goals and football training equipment
  2. scanned homepage with WEBCEO
  3. added ‘goal nets‘ article page and to article list
  4. scanned goal nets page with CEO and added new image links and text links plus a new title.
  5. Edited home page to include H tags for the 3 main keywords targeted, also added new image alts and link titles.
  6. Added bold keywords at bottom of page templates
  7. reworded meta description and changed main title image alt
  8. moved rebounders category and sub categories into new ‘football training equipment category’
  9. scanned and optimised sports rebounders page

QPS SEO diary -13/3/14

Done today:


QuickPlaySport SEO 6/3/14

Things to do today:

  1. Find out who is being targeted, US?
  2. add seo quake for use with the book
  3. Show how to post follow links on Google Plus
  4. Change intro text on Google to include links
  5. are these terms appropriate: indoor goals, pop up goals, mini goals
  6. 5 check keyword sheet, maybe make another – here
  7. Add articles for each key phrase
  8. analyse competitors sites in top 3 of search results. example
  9. set custom url for google plus page


QuickPlaySport – SEO – Keyword Research

Normally when doing keyword research it is for a site that hasnt been around that long or hasnt been added to Webmaster Tools yet so there is little of no data available. As we have data for quickplaysport already then we have a little head start as it gives us a good idea of the volume of searches on the terms we have already selected. I am still going to brain storm keywords with the guys at quickplay though in case there are any that we have missed. When we have a list then we will try to come up with as many adapter words that go with those terms as possible.

e.g. if the keyword is ‘football goals’ then an adapter word could be ‘portable’ or ‘light’ or ‘childrens’ basically any word that can go before or after the keyword so as to make it more specific etc.

Once we have a list of keywords then I will put them through googles keyword planner tool and check the volume of searches for those selected keywords and also note down any high volume related terms that it may suggest.

Now we have quite a comprehensive list of keywords to look at its time to type them into Google to see which companies are currently ranking well for them and figure out how they are doing it, in other words do the competitor analysis.

QuickPlaySport – SEO – Starting Rank Analysis

To start I am going to analyze where the site currently sits within Google by using webmaster tools, as the site has been around for several years now we already have some measurable data.

Here is a CSV file documenting their position for many relevant search terms:

QPS SEO Data 27th Feb 2014

From looking at that list I can see that the site already ranks highly for many terms so the next thing I need to do is do some research into their keywords, the keywords that their competitors are targeting and the methods they are using to target these keywords.

There may well be a very good keyword that the site is not currently ranking well for.  At first glace I can see the search term ‘football equipment‘ could be a good one to target as it is very relevant to their products and they currently rank at position 98 for it so there is lots of scope to improve. by looking at their competition I may well find other search terms that we hadn’t thought of before that could also be good ones to target.

Now on to the Keyword Research