my to do list

  1. Quote Rhoda
  2. QPS German Site
  3. Invoice QPS for German and SEO and domain name.com
  4. Chidora
  5. QPS Integrate with Sage accounting sofdtware
  6. Dermots site
  7. QPS French Videos
  8. sell truffles
  9. winfootballbets 2014 fixtures
  10. Summit Retail changes

coming soon

  1. metapack grrr…….

MySql Search / Select

Use this to search through the SQL records and then do something with each relevant record

$sql = “SELECT *
FROM table_name
WHERE email = ‘{$email}'”;
$rs_result = mysql_query ($sql, $conn);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_result)) {
$new_id = $row[‘id’];

Convert Date to English Date PHP

Heres my function to convert the wrong american date format to the correct English date format, to use it simply add it to a php file and include it in your script. Then to use it do something like this:

$english_date = english_date($american_date);

/// function to sort date to English
function english_date($date){

$explode_date = (explode(“-“,$date));

$english_date = $explode_date[2] . “-” . $explode_date[1] . “-” . $explode_date[0];

return $english_date;