QPS Football Goal site duplicate content removal

Having found all the duplicate meta descriptions and titles via webmaster tools I have now removed them from Google using the URL removal tool in webmaster tools and the robots.txt file.

In the URL removal tool I have removed the entire directories for /reviews/ and /cataloguesearch/ this should get rid of all the search results and user reviews which were all spam anyway. I also removed some specific URLs to obsolete products or test pages.

Then I blocked the spiders access to these files with a robots.txt like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /review/
Disallow: /catalogsearch/

QPS Football Goal SEO Diary 24-4-14

Today I will be addressing the following errors in webmaster tools;

610  Рduplicate meta descriptions

21 – short meta descriptions

7 – missing title tags

573 – duplicate title tags

5 – non informative title tags


Step 1 – fix the non informative titles

All these pages are obsolete old pages so I will delete them and resubmit a site map.


Step 2 – fix missing title tags

6 missing titles are for quickview pages so I will leave them as theres no way to add a title.

The last one is a stray htaccess file within the css folder, I will remove this


step 3 – short meta descriptions

pages changed:

 Step 4 Рduplicate title tags

Lots of these seem to be from the auto generated reviews page so as Ive disabled that I will ignore those.

Changed titles on ‘become a retailer’ page and careers page

Changed all titles and descriptions for team bench products

Added new title and products to the ‘football training equipment’ category page


step 6 duplicate meta descriptions.


Having looked at these they are again caused by review pages and products in different categories as well as obsolete URLs. I am going to dissalow robots from all these directories and request Google removes them all. More info is available here: