QuickPlaySport – SEO – Competitor Analysis

Now we have our keywords I will begin the competitor analysis.

This involves typing each keyword into Google and seeing which companies come up. Now we need to take a close look at the page titles of the pages that come up and also the description snippet beneath the titles. Notice how often the searched for keyword crops up in the titles and the description, they should be highlighted in bold which will make it easier for you to see. If the keyword is repeated many times over then this is a sign that they are using old ‘spammy’ techniques to get to the top and are at risk of being hit by the next Google update and sit should be easy for us to usurp them at the top.

The next thing I am going to do is analyze the amount of backlinks pointing to each of the competitions sites and note down what they have been using as anchor text.

Here are a few backilnk checking websites:


QuickPlaySport – SEO – Keyword Research

Normally when doing keyword research it is for a site that hasnt been around that long or hasnt been added to Webmaster Tools yet so there is little of no data available. As we have data for quickplaysport already then we have a little head start as it gives us a good idea of the volume of searches on the terms we have already selected. I am still going to brain storm keywords with the guys at quickplay though in case there are any that we have missed. When we have a list then we will try to come up with as many adapter words that go with those terms as possible.

e.g. if the keyword is ‘football goals’ then an adapter word could be ‘portable’ or ‘light’ or ‘childrens’ basically any word that can go before or after the keyword so as to make it more specific etc.

Once we have a list of keywords then I will put them through googles keyword planner tool and check the volume of searches for those selected keywords and also note down any high volume related terms that it may suggest.

Now we have quite a comprehensive list of keywords to look at its time to type them into Google to see which companies are currently ranking well for them and figure out how they are doing it, in other words do the competitor analysis.

QuickPlaySport – SEO – Starting Rank Analysis

To start I am going to analyze where the site currently sits within Google by using webmaster tools, as the site has been around for several years now we already have some measurable data.

Here is a CSV file documenting their position for many relevant search terms:

QPS SEO Data 27th Feb 2014

From looking at that list I can see that the site already ranks highly for many terms so the next thing I need to do is do some research into their keywords, the keywords that their competitors are targeting and the methods they are using to target these keywords.

There may well be a very good keyword that the site is not currently ranking well for.  At first glace I can see the search term ‘football equipment‘ could be a good one to target as it is very relevant to their products and they currently rank at position 98 for it so there is lots of scope to improve. by looking at their competition I may well find other search terms that we hadn’t thought of before that could also be good ones to target.

Now on to the Keyword Research

DMOZ Submission – The open Directory Project

DMOZ is The Open Directory Project which is a user edited directory of websites.

To apply for inclusion in the open directory project you will need to follow this link:


and then once on the site you need to find the most appropriate category for your website, to do this simply click on the most relevant parent category and then keep clicking the relevant links until you find the most specific sub category for your site. When you have found the category you need to click on the ‘suggest URL’ link at the top right of the page and then enter the relevant details.

Once submitted the process can take several weeks or even months before it is reviewed and included in the directory.

Page Titles

Page titles are very important when it comes to SEO. The page title is the title that is displayed in the blue bar across the top of your web browser and should contain the search terms you are trying to rank the site for.

When creating your website you add the title like this:

<title>My Website Title</title>


This should be the first meta tag beneath the content type tag

Izaak Walton Hotel SEO Campaign

The Izaak Walton Hotel is situated in the historic market town of Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

My aim is to get it to position number 1 in Google for the specific search term ‘Izaak Walton Hotel’. In this section of my blog I will document the methods I will be using for this along with details about weather each method has had a positive or negative effect or even no effect at all on the websites page ranking within Google.

The domain name the website is hosted on is http://www.izaakwalton-hotel.co.uk